Refund and Returns

Customer’s satisfaction is our most important thing, in this belief, we promise replace or refund as follow situations:

Shipping wrong item/wrong size/wrong address(different from provided information)/demaged
item(the demage can be seen clearly).

1:Wrong Garment: Received a wrong garment.

2:Wrong item: Received a wrong Product type.

If Tamilastore sent to wrong parcels, customers allow to keep parcels on their own disposal.

Replace or full refund

Low printing quality and wrong position of printing.

1:Blurry Print: Edges of the print are out of focus, not distinct. Design details are fuzzy and do not represent the quality of the print file and distort it.

2:Design Placement Issue:Too Low/Too High/Right/Left/Wrong area/Crooked/Upside down:The placement of the printed design does not match the designed placement to the extent that it becomes noticeable by End Customer and the initial design is distorted. (See supplementary note①)

3:Peeling Print:Print coming off in pieces.

4:Scaling Issue:Design printed too large or too small, to the extent when it becomes noticeable to the End Customer and noticeably differs from the artwork.

Replace or full refund

The actual product is quite different from the announced size: the actual product is more than
3cm bigger or smaller than the announced size chart.

Sizing issue:The size of the garment measured according to the standard instructions does not match the size chart of Tamilastore,which more than 3cm bigger or smaller.

Replace or full refund

The actual product is quite different from the announced color.

Colouring Issue :The printed colour differs from the colour used on the design to the extent where the outcome noticeably differs from the mockup. Mostly because the wrong colour code was chosen by Provider or due to wrong technical settings. (See supplementary note②)

Replace or full refund

Quality can not satisfy customer’s requirements.

1:Broken/Holes/Mechanical/Torn:Item arrived flawed due to Provider’s or Carrier’s act or omission. Including but not limited to: broken mugs; garments with holes or torn; items having mechanical issues, such as a poor functioning zipper or a non-functioning clock. (See supplementary note③)

2:Embroidery issues. Including but not limited to: wrong colour thread used on the whole design or parts of it; crooked; protruding or loose threads; missing parts of the design;wrong thread density.

3:Stains:Obvious Ink spots, smears or any other unknown stains on the garment or item that do not exist on the artwork and distort the design. (See supplementary note④)

4:Underbase Issue:White underbase visible either on the edges or on the print.

Replace or full refund

The product is out of stock

If customer place an order at Tamilastore, but the product is out of stock and we haven’t noticed customer in advance.

Full refund

Logistics guarantee Under normal conditions

1. Parcel is lost during shipping.

2. Logistic is not updated for 30 days.

Replace or full refund

Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 7 days after the product has been received. And the customer should provide the Tamilastore shipping list. For packages damaged, all claims must be submitted no later than 72 hours after the delivered time. Claims deemed an error on our part are covered at our expense.

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